​​​​​Crime Scene Cleaning Franchise


Nick-Anthony Zamucen, FOUNDER of Bio-One Inc. 

​​The only successful franchised crime and trauma scene cleaning company.​​

Nick-Anthony has done for the crime & trauma scene cleaning industry what Mark Zuckerberg has done for social media. He is also a published author, business strategist, and an award winning serial entrepreneur that has had tremendous success in various business ventures.

Nick-Anthony has really changed the game when it comes to the crime & trauma scene cleaning industry. He has taught and demonstrated proper techniques and created realistic murder scene setups for several television and movie production shots in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Simply put, Nick-Anthony is the best in the industry and while many claim to be, he's the only man who has proven results in the business world. His franchised company Bio-One Inc. dominates in 44 different states and continues to grow at an exceptional rate. He plans to launch Bio-One Inc., internationally very soon.

Nick-Anthony realized that one of his greatest strengths was assisting other people's success through his own experience. A core belief of Nick-Anthony's is "Success breeds Success". For this reason, he has assembled an elite "success group" based around crime and trauma scene cleanup. He has created bar-none, the most intensive, informative, and educational franchise in the world.

Bio-One Inc. is Nick-Anthony's creation and they will continue to open franchises world wide. ​​