Positive Attitude

If you have a negative attitude in life, you’re a burden to yourself and others. If you have a positive attitude, you become an asset.


“Gratitude, like love, is not a feeling but an act of the will,” writes Anne Husted Burleigh. “We choose to be thankful, just as we choose to love.” 

Hard Work

There is no substitute in life for work. Hard work includes initiative, diligence, goal-setting, and resourcefulness. 


A concern for justice means a focus on civility, honesty, respect, responsibility, and tolerance for both others and ourselves.


Love goes beyond justice; it gives more than fairness requires. Love is the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of another. 

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core values


Humility is necessary for the acquisition of the other virtues because it makes us aware of our imperfections and leads us to become better.


Self Control allows us to govern ourselves and to wait—to delay gratification in the service of higher and distant goals. 


Wisdom enables us to discern correctly, to see what is truly important in life, and to set priorities. It allows us to make reasoned decisions.


Fortitude is the inner toughness that enables us to overcome or withstand hardship, defeats, inconvenience, and pain. 


Integrity is adhering to moral principle, being faithful to moral conscience, keeping our word, and standing up for what we believe.